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The GWD Cami Fix

by Tangerelle Delva on Oct 12, 2021

The GWD Cami Fix
Ladies, do you find yourself shopping and finding the cutest outfit, but you can't see yourself buying it because it doesn't meet the modesty standards you live by?
Maybe you were shopping and found a nice back-out top? A cropped top? Or a two-piece outfit? But your midriff is showing. Well, ladies, GWD has the answer. We call it a "Cami Fix."
A Cami Fix is simply adding a skin-toned camisole or two to your wardrobe. This simple solution for what feels like a complex problem helps many women maintain a modest wardrobe. Test it out yourself, and let us know if the Cami Fix helps. So the next time you see your crop top or sheer blouse, and you feel like you can't pass it up, see if you can fix it with a Cami!

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