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Dressing With Purpose

by Tangerelle Delva on Sep 06, 2021

Dressing With Purpose
Modesty doesn’t have an age, gender, or race, therefore instilling modesty in our kids is essential. Our children watch the way we speak, the things we do, our habits, and how we dress. Protecting our babies needs to be at the top of our priorities. So we have to be the good examples they need. If you think about it, as a child, we watched our parents getting ready. Our moms would put on their makeup and high heels. Our Dads would wear ties, and we found ourselves wanting to do the very same thing. Sometimes we have to be reminded that our children are watching every move we make. Let us be mindful of upholding modesty for them and leading lives that will be good examples. As 1 Timothy 4:12 (ERV) says, You are young, but don’t let anyone treat you as if you are not important. Be an example to show the believers how they should live. Show them by what you say, by the way you live, by your love, by your faith, and by your pure life.

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