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The Husbands Guide to Shopping for his Plus-Sized Wife

by Tangerelle Delva on Aug 13, 2021

Husbands Shopping Guide for Plus Size Women
Hubbies, are you shopping for the misses?
Do you find it hard to shop for your wife? Maybe your wife is picky when it comes to what she would wear out in public. Possibly, she only wears one color or one style. If you find yourself in this category, GWD is here to share a few things from a woman's perspective to make you a confident shopper. It's time to pay attention because the class is in session.

First, find out your wife's body type because there are plenty of options. Is she a pear or an apple shape? Smaller on her top and more voluptuous on the bottom or broader shoulders and less curvy hips. Body shape matters because it can be a deal-breaker on a beautiful dress or item.

Next, think about the color she feels the most comfortable wearing? Is it Charcoal grey? Maybe it's Magenta pink! Color matters when it comes to shopping for women; it can be flattering or slimming.

Then, think about the pattern she gets the most compliments while wearing? Is it Paisley print? Or maybe it's Houndstooth!

Finally, consider what you like or what you would like to see her wearing? Jeans, a skirt, maybe a form-fitted dress? Sometimes, as women, we need our husbands to pull us out of our comfort zone and encourage us to try something new.

Follow these simple steps, and she will be amazingly surprised. Remember, think about what looks good on her, take the time to find the right color, pattern, and even fabric. DON'T Mannequin shop; become a confident man that knows his wife.

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